Biotene Oral Balance Gel, 1.5-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Biotene Oral Balance Gel, 1.5-Ounce (Pack of 2)

The biotene product range covers toothpastes, mouth sprays, liquids, mouthwashes, gums and gels. all our products benefit from biotene’s unique lp3 salivary enzyme-protein system.

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Biotene Oral Balance Gel, 1.5-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Amazon Sales Rank : #7876 in Beauty
Size : Pack of 2
Brand : Biotene
Model : 51201
Published on : 2010-07-20
Released on : 2015-05-15
Ingredients : Glycerin, Water, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Carbomer, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylparaben
Number of items : 2
Dimensions : 2.81" h x 1.13" w x 5.00" l, .15 pounds
  • Diminishes mouth odors
  • Gel can also be used under dentures to improve retention and comfort
  • Helps relieve dry mouth symptoms

Sjogren's sufferer finds this ineffective

  • - 1 stars

I have Sjogren's, which is characterized in part by extreme dry mouth. I had high hopes for this product after all the stellar reviews. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me in any way. The coating disintegrates within a few minutes and I am left with nothing but an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Absolutely not for overnight use - I'd wake up dry as a bone. I prefer the slow-dissolving lozenges, which at least provide some relief over an hour or two.

For those suffering from dry mouth, I would suggest that you try everything on the market at least once, though. Different products work for different folks, and it's much better that you spend the money to determine if this is the miracle product that works for you. Not only is dry mouth uncomfortable, it will wreck your teeth long-term if you don't take steps to keep saliva present. Even if this didn't work for me, it clearly works for lots of other people and may well be worth a shot if you are struggling with this incredibly frustrating condition.

New formulation a disaster for dry mouth patients

  • - 1 stars

I have used and loved Biotene Oral Balance for many years. I have Sjogren's Syndrome, and extreme dry mouth. The old formulation was not only soothing, but contained many enzymes that are found in saliva, so it was good for my mouth as well. The formulation has been changed (for this and all Biotene products). The helpful enzymes are gone, the texture is thin and runny, and worst of all, it burns my mouth, tongue and throat.

I don't know what to use as a substitute. This has been a recommended product for extreme dry mouth sufferers, and now we can no longer use it. I'm not sure who the audience is now.

Absolutely super for sleeping thru the night!

  • - 5 stars

A small quantity, about the size of a green pea, keeps my mouth moist so that I don't wake up during the night with a dry mouth. This Biotene gel product works much better than the Biotene mouthwash, for overnight use. I recommend it to anyone who experiences dry mouth while sleeping.